Nokia 5730 Xpress Music: Maximizing Entertainment & Enjoyment

Nokia-5730-XpressMusic-RedNokia is still striving to get a hold of the multimedia entertainment niche in the mobile phone market with their release of the Nokia 5730 Xpress Music. True to their response to the demands of an increasingly fickle market, they’re producing low-budget models that would still act as entertainment centers of users.
Unlike its cousins in the Xpress line of Nokia phones, the Nokia 5730 is a much-improved version of the Nokia 5730 XpressMusic. Imagine having dozens of other features added to the humble Xpress Radio model.
Battling SE
Sony Ericsson has carved a very comfortable niche for itself with its early release of entertainment-oriented phones. Nokia is battling with SE phones like this Xpress Music model because it goes beyond the well-loved features of SE phones like the SE K800i Cybershot phone.
Slider with style
Nokia-5730-XpressMusic-BlueWithout spending too much, you can now enjoy the feel of a slider with a full-featured keyboard with QWERTY orientation. The Nokia 5730 slides to the side and weighs 135 grams.
Everything is full-sized with the Nokia 5730
Who would have thought that Nokia would be going all out on a line of phones that has been around for quite a while? For instance, the Nokia 5730’s display is 2.4 inches, comparable to HTC Touch’s touchscreen display.
The controls system has also been ergonomically designed, maximizing the dedicated use of each of the features. You have dedicated keys for music, volume control, camera and for gaming. The Nokia 5730 also accepts voice commands from its users.
Storage & connectivity features
The Nokia phone has Hot Swap functionality, an 8 gigabyte MicroSD card (with maximum storage of 16 gigabytes). The phone also has a built-in memory of 100 megabytes.

The 5730 also supports GSM/HSCSD/GPRS/EGPRS/WCDMA/HSDPA and WLAN. Streaming is also possible through 3GPP and CIF. This device has been equipped with Bluetooth v. 2.0, basic printing features and POP3 support.


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