Nokia 2730 Classic, An Affordable 3G Model

Nokia-2730-classic-blackNokia has come out with it cheapest 3G phones, the Nokia 2730 Classic. It is expected to cost around Euro 80 without tax and other charges and will hit the market in the third quarter of 2009. This Nokia handset offers very good worth for your money and with other features it also has excellent looks. Nokia have basically launched this phone for the emerging market economies, but with its excellent features and pricing it will have a broad appeal in the markets worldwide. At a reasonable it comes with some very impressive features which will attract the consumer.

Nokia-2730-classic-black-frontNokia 2730 classic is designed with an excellent web browser and you can use the phone as a temporary modem through Bluetooth or a USB port. It also has integrated email system and some management tools for storing private information management tools. You as a user can log on to Ovi Mail on the mobile phone. Nokia Life Tools are also available with the handset in some places. This gadget is very similar to Nokia 2720 Fold in its features.
According to Nokia reviews you get a talk time of 3.3 hours on 3G and seven and half hours on GSM. There is a 1020 mAh battery and it offers about 17 days of standby time. Nokia 2730 is not a very heavy handset as it just weighs 88 grams. There is a 2 inch display screen which is somewhat small and the digital camera integrated with the phone is quite basic. The Nokia 2730 classic comes with an expandable memory which may not be possible. The keypads are very ordinary looking and it does not have a camera with video calling. The price makes up for all the compromises.
People who want a well performing mobile phone in a reasonable then Nokia 2730 Classic is just the phone for you. It is very impressive for the price it is pegged at.


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