Nokia 2720 Fold: Elegant And Strong

Nokia-2720-fold-RedNokia 2720 Fold is available in fold opening design with several user-friendly and excellent communication features. The set has a very stylish look with its outward screen which is hidden, glows when you use the gadget. You have the option of buying Nokia 2720 Fold in two colors. It is available in the UK market in black and deep red colors. The phone is only around ninety grams in weight with its battery which is rechargeable, is placed inside it. All these features have given this Nokia phone a very strong and durable feel. 2720 Fold has a folding action mechanism for opening and this is very similar to the cover of some other Nokia mobile phones like the Nokia 6600 Fold and Nokia 3610 Fold.
Nokia-2720-fold-black-openThe is an FM radio integrated in the handset and you can enjoy listing to, news, music, weather reports as well as chat shows on the radio. If you want, you can also listen to music of your own choice, as it is possible to transfer music and CD on your Nokia 2720 Fold. You can listen to your favorite music whenever you want on music player which is a part of the design. It is possible to play AAC and MP3music playback formats on Nokia 2720 Fold.
You can store numbers of almost five hundred acquaintances on your 2720 Fold. This mobile phone has a call log that has missed calls, received calls as well as the numbers you have dialed for your convenience.  The handset offers a very clear and hands free call when you talk to others with its speaker phone function. There is an alert vibrate element which lets you to know with the mild vibration that you are getting a call or have got a message on your Nokia 2720 Fold.

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