Nokia 2220 Slide Revealed

Nokia 2220 SlideThe Nokia 2220 Slide is one of the first handsets that Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia is expected to unveil at some point during the fourth quarter of this year, and which has just shown up in a number of photographs online – the handset looks like an entry level device, although it is relatively good looking and appears to have been well designed.

There have also been some alleged specs revealed, including the fact that it will sport a VGA camera, run under the Symbian S40 operating system and come with a TFT display, sitting at 128 x 160 resolution, as well as including the Opera Mini web browser.

The Nokia 2220 Slide mobile phone is also said to include 10 MB of built in memory, an FM radio with a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack, dual band GSM connectivity and a battery that will be good for roughly 8 hours of talk time or around 400 hours on standby. Images circulating show the handset in black and pink, however it seems certain it will come in a variety of colours in order to appeal more to its target market, which will likely be teenagers as is the case with most entry level mobile phones.

While we can only sit and wait for more details to emerge surrounding the Nokia 2220 Slide mobile phone, it seems highly probable that the handset will become available for pre order soon, as Nokia will want to top as many of their teenage audiences Christmas lists as possible.

All in all a decent looking handset with no outstanding features to speak of, that, if sold for the right price, will likely enjoy success as one of Nokia’s better looking budget mobile phones.


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