N97 Mini and Nokia N900

N97 MiniThere has been much talk about a rumoured Nokia N97 that is scaled down in terms of size and some of its specifications. The rumours have been going since back in July when images circulated online showing the N97 next to what appeared to be a smaller N97. Nokia have been fanning the flames of interest by keeping pretty quiet about the whole thing but now new pictures have emerged on a French website that seem to be offering more information about the upcoming N97 Mini.

The website that leaked the new photos has also provided information about possible specifications for the dinky N97 suggesting that the screen will be 3″ and there will be 8 or 16GB of internal memory. The N97 Mini also seems to run on Symbian S60 5th Edition like its older brother. As some of the features will be scaled down compared to the N97 it is expected that the price will also see a reduction and result in the N97 Mini being offered for a much lower amount than the pricier N97. This is going to come as great news for people who were interested in the N97 but not too interested in its price, or even just for people who like their gadgets small in nature.

Nokia N900At the same time more news has emerged about another new Nokia phone that may even overshadow news about the N97 Mini. The Nokia N900 is a new tablet-form phone that will come with the same slide out QWERTY keypad functionality of the N97 and N97 Mini. However, Nokia will be making a departure from Symbian with this phone and instead be using Maemo 5. The N900 is also thought to have a 5 megapixel camera and 32GB memory. Although Nokia have not said much about the N900 so far it does appear to be in its latter stages of development and an official announcement is likely to be made some time soon. With the interest that is already growing around the N900 it could end up being one of the more popular releases of the year.

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