Meet Nokia’s Ovi Revolution in the New Nokia 7020

Nokia-7020-pinkMuch like Nokia’s newer models such as the Nokia 2720 Fold and the Nokia 2730 Classic, the Nokia 7020 will also be sporting Nokia’s newest bundle of internet services. This marks the beginning of the Nokia Ovi revolution that is believed to have the potential to trounce Apple’s version.
Aside from having the new Ovi applications on it, the 7020 also has a sleek clamshell design that makes it very attractive. Some dub it as a fashionista phone even. However, the selling point is its ability to provide top class internet services to its users. Let’s take a look.
Sync, Share and Shop
Nokia-7020-pink-frontThe Ovi program consists of a number of internet services from Nokia. One of which is the Ovi Sync application that will allow users to organise and back up their calendars and contacts on Ovi. By syncing your 7020 to your PC, you’d easily be able to back up all your personal data on your desktop. The second application is the Ovi Share program that gives the users unlimited storage space online to upload their photos and videos. This free service will also let you share these precious memories to your closest friends and family.    

The Nokia Music Store is akin to the Apple store as it also has other applications and multimedia available for purchase. To date the Ovi store already has tie-ups with big names such as Facebook, MySpace and Electronic Arts.
Ovi Mail and Nokia Maps

Other Ovi services on the Nokia 7020 include the Nokia Maps application that will make sure you don’t get lost by downloading the most updated maps on your mobile; and the Ovi Mail program that provides users with an easy-to-use email account. Aside from being free of charge the Ovi Mail service also allows users to access their emails online without the use of a PC.

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