Making the Nokia N97 More Affordable with its Mini Version

Nokia N97 MiniAfter the release of the recent Nokia X3 and X6 music phones, Nokia launches the mini version of its Symbian flagship touchscreen smartphone N97 with the new Nokia N97 Mini. The Finnish mobile giant Nokia appears to be adopting the same trim-down practice it did with its other flagships mobile phones enjoying successes in the their respective markets.

Thus, you have the smaller E63 to the E71 and the cheaper 5530XM to the 5800XM.  It’s now the N97’s turn with the Mini version. How little is the Mini? While both handsets offer the same technological wonders here are its main differences.


Internal memory for the N97 Mini is a mere 8 GB compared with the 32 GB on it bigger brother. Both enjoy memory expansion via their microSD slots

Physical Form

Both handsets feature a full QWERTY side slider Touchscreen form factor.  But here is where they differ.

  • The Mini’s QWERTY keyboard tilts and slide out and does away with the arrow navigation keys of its bigger brother.
  • The mini is housed in a smaller body with 113 x 52.5 x 14.2 mm dimension compared with the 117.2 s 55.3 x 15.9 mm of the regular N97 and weighs lighter at 138 grams, 12 grams lighter.
  • The N97 Mini has a gorgeous 3.6” display reduced to 2.9” in the Mini.  But both feature the same VGA resolution at 16 million colors.  Its smaller screen with the same resolution actually makes it look more brilliant and vivid.


While both use the same Symbian OS S60 release 5.0, there are more screen widgets on the Mini with more updated Ovi Maps.  That’s understandable considering it’s a more recent product iteration.

Battery Life

It’s easy to conclude that the N9 Mini should get a longer battery life for a less hefty hardware feature set.  But Nokia puts in a weaker battery that’s 300 mAh less than the 1500 mAh found in the regular n97.  It bigger brother has a longer battery life.


The Nokia N97 Mini is expected to be €100 cheaper than the €450 price tag of its bigger N97 brother when it comes out during the last quarter of 2009.

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