htcs brand new touch pro 2

HTC-Touch-Pro-2With HTC Touch Pro, you can enjoy your desired music, movies, videos, MP4 music, and stream anything else via the Internet like you never thought if it would be possible from a handset. You’ll be offered with Opera 9.5 web browser when purchasing HTC Touch Pro Mobile Phone so you’ll no doubt access the best internet experience when necessary. Navigating around your mobile phone is also an easier task with an immense 3.8 inch touch screen display, featuring 65K-color.
The 3.5G technology allows you to experience a high speed internet download. If you’re using the correct networks, the internet connection of your mobile phone allows you to download with a speed of 7.2 Mb per second. If you prefer downloading documents of .txt format via your HTC Touch Pro, you can use the Microsoft Office document editor and edit the .txt files according to your requirements.
HTC-Touch-Pro-2The HTC Touch Pro arrives with a camera of 3.15 Mega-pixels. One can capture some of the most memorable moments of his/her life in a true color and clearer images with the HTC Touch Pro.
Some of the major features of the HTC Touch Pro are that it features a slide-out keyboard, making it further easy to operate. Additionally, it features a Wi-Fi connection, a built-in radio, and expandable memory slot (microSD memory computer. Moreover, this outstanding handset also features an extremely cool YouTube client. There is also availability of expandable card in order to provide you with additional disk space so that you could store a huge amount of data on your HTC Touch Pro when required. Furthermore, the HTC Touch Pro also features a Bluetooth v2.0 and a Standard mini-USB interface, making it easier to communicate with a computer.
Lastly, I should admit that the outstanding screen resolution of 3.8"(400×800), 3.15 Mega-Pixels camera and features of Windows Mobile undeniably makes the HD Touch Pro an extremely attractive hi-tech gadget.
Furthermore, you can now purchase HTC Touch Pro 2 on Vodafone. Vodafone offers HTC Touch Pro 2 on contract so you can pay for your mobile phone on monthly installment basis. In fact, Vodafone also offers HTC Touch Pro 2 with free gifts, including sim free mobile phones.


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