How the Nokia N97 Arrived with a Storm


When we say storm in the smartphone/mobile phone field, we really do mean something that’s so innovative and classy that it’s hard not to take notice. Stepping into the mobile phone arena is like watching hundreds of fighters vying for the crown.
Nevertheless, with the arrival of the Nokia N97, it appears that this sophisticated fighter simply arrived and took the crown for itself. Maximizing the available networking capabilities of other smartphones, the Nokia N97 is indeed a force to reckon with.
Built for entertainment
We can say that the Nokia N97 was built for entertainment because it is has been equipped with one of the most massive widescreen displays at 3.5 inches. Only a few contenders can match that; we’re thinking that the Blackberry 9300 Gemini would probably be able to match it, only RIM still hasn’t shown us what the Gemini would actually look like.
Apart from the large display, both personal communication and Internet has been made more accessible with the QWERTY keyboard in its slide-out, landscape orientation. For those who get confused with QWERTY keypads that are still arranged like a regular phone keypad, you would simply love the unique keyboard structure employed in the Nokia N97.
Web, games and more
Because Nokia wants to tap into various threads of the telecommunications and multimedia entertainment market, it has made sure that the N97 would be able to master all the basic needs of modern consumers. For example, you have quick access to your favorite website through the home screen but at the same time you can play games with the N97 the same way you would with a regular desktop PC or a PSP.

The slide-out form factor is simply genius because the keypad won’t disturb the viewing of web content whenever it’s the case. The N97 is already being shipped in the UK. The price according to Nokia is 550 euro before taxes.

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