Economical Yet Stylish: The Nokia 2720 Fold

Nokia-2720-fold-red-closedRiding the wave moving towards mid-range and entry level mobiles, Nokia has unveiled their newest line of economical handsets. Set to be launched in the 3rd quarter of 2009 is the brand new Nokia 2720 Fold at a very affordable estimated value of less than £50. Although purely functional, this model also packs in an innovative design at a very reasonable rate in order to make stylishness attainable to all.
Sleek and Simple
Nokia-2720-fold-black-openAt first sight the 2720 looks a lot like the trendy mid-range handset that is the Nokia 6600 Fold. Both models share a mirrored shell body combined with a concealed external display. Once you flip it open you’ll discover a 1.5-inch 65K colour TFT display and a simple yet elegantly designed standard keypad. The 2720 has the dimensions of 93 x 46 x 17.9 mm and weighs only 90.3 grams.  

Another aspect that makes the 2720 an excellent mobile for remote rural communities is the inclusion of Nokia’s Ovi Mail. This application allows users to set-up and make use of an email account within a few easy steps without even coming anywhere near a desktop computer.
Additional Details
A notable feature of the Nokia 2720 Fold is the integration of the Nokia Life Tools application. First announced with the Nokia 2330 Classic mobile, this piece of software allows users to easily access information regarding education, entertainment, and agriculture. The strong battery life of this mobile makes it well-suited for areas where charging may pose to be somewhat difficult. Users can live without charging the 2720 to a power supply for nearly three weeks as the battery will last up to 432 hours of standby time.

Aside from the basic features present in all mobile phones today, the Nokia 2720 Fold also sports added functionalities such as a 1.3 Megapixel camera, MP3 ringtones, an FM radio that is capable of recording directly from the radio, MMS capability, and Bluetooth support.

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