A Classic in the Making: The Nokia 2730 Classic

Nokia-2730-classic-blackThe new Nokia 2730 Classic is Nokia’s attempt to open the users’ door to entertainment, information, friends, and family. This new mobile phone aims to make mobile internet a reality for the emerging markets that have recently become a significant segment. With a stylish design and a whole lot of functions, Nokia has also added their latest range of services catered for emerging market segments.
Targeting Emerging Markets
Also present in other similar models such as the Nokia 7020 and the Nokia 2720 Fold are two of Nokia’s newest services. The Nokia 2730 Classic is proud to have both the Nokia Life Tools and the Ovi Mail applications pre-installed in it. The Nokia Life Tools is going to be very handy for people in rural areas as it provides them with information on agriculture and education. There’s also room for some fun as this program will also give them access to all sorts of entertainment wherever they may be. On the other hand, the Ovi Mail application aims to give people in emerging markets their first digital identity. Users can create their own Ovi Mail accounts without ever touching a desktop computer. They can send and receive emails directly on their mobiles regardless of place or time.
Combined with its other impressive features such as 3G and internet browsing capabilities, the 2730 gives members of emerging markets the opportunity to stay connected to the digital world.
Availability and Pricing

According to Nokia the 2730 Classic is going to be the cheapest 3G mobile phone in the market once it hits stand in the third quarter of this year. With an estimated price tag of around £70, mid-level mobile users will be glad to know that high-end technology has now become quite affordable. As 3G continues to spread throughout the whole nation, the 2730 Classic is Nokia’s way of letting our rural countrymen have a piece of the pie.

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