The Android Advantage: Motorola DEXT

Motorola DEXTIf you want to know what the latest is in the world of mobile technology, then the first model you should look for is the latest Android smart phone. There are plenty of mobile phone operating software being used from the Microsoft Windows Mobile to the infamous Java based Symbian operating system used by Nokia. Still, none of these systems can compare to the Google made Android operating system. Thanks to Google’s own style of programming and consumer based insight; they know how to make a good interface that works. The Google Android is not a perfect system, but it is the best the market has to offer for now.

DEXT and the Cupcake

The Motorola DEXT runs an Android 1.5 operating system named Cupcake. The Cupcake is the latest incarnation of the Android and is fully compatible with all existing Google mobile applications. Though some contributor made apps may not work as well with this new version, expect updates of the more popular ones to be made soon. Unlike other companies, Google is quite friendly to both third party and independent developers. Apple has been pretty strict with contributors to the Apple App Store, and while they have good reason to do so, they also tend to alienate other legitimate programmers.

Motorola’s Hardware

Motorola did not just stop with using Google’s Android for their smart phone. They made sure that the DEXT would have excellent smart phone features. The design and make of the 3.1 inch touch screen and the full slide out keyboard lend both aesthetic value and usability to the mobile phone. The expandable memory that can support up to 32GB is also impressive. Other add-ons such as the five mega pixel camera, A-GPS with Orange map support and various multimedia capabilities give the DEXT a well rounded mobile phone.

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