Motorola’s MotoDroid Unveiled

Motorola MotoDroidSet to be the next mobile phone running under the Android operating system released by Motorola, the well named MotoDroid has got some pretty nice specs.

There are some pictures of the mobile phone floating around the internet already, along with some information about the handset, which is allegedly almost as slim as the iPhone 3GS while still boasting a full QWERTY keyboard – rumours if confirmed would make me, along with many others, give the device serious consideration when it came to upgrading our current mobile phones.

It sports a processor based on ARM architecture known as the TI OMAP3430, (a pretty bad name for such a great processor in our opinion), and is supposedly the fastest Android powered handset yet; which would come as quite a blow to Acer, who have just unveiled their Liquid which uses the highly acclaimed 1 GHz Qaulcomm Snapdragon processor.

The keyboard itself looks slightly cramped, although the superbly lined up keys more than make up for that, especially when paired with 5 mega pixel camera which sports a dual LED flash.

Something we were very happy to hear is that the new MotoDroid mobile phone will be running under the Android 2.0 operating system; and while we aren’t sure yet what this updated firmware will bring with it, it is sure to be exciting and innovative. That said, as Android 1.6 is yet to be released, we could be waiting awhile to get our hands on one of these.

The device is being toted as a rival to the iPhone 3GS – and it may just come down to who has a more loyal audience, Apple or Google, to see who comes out on top.


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