Motorola W233 Renew: Go Green with Pride!

Motorola-W233-Renew-FrontWe do not expect a mobile phone to be socially responsible, nature friendly and affordable at the same time. But Motorola has succeeded in doing all this with their new offering- the Motorola W233 Renew. This phone weighs less than 100gms and is designed to reduce the carbon footprint that is generally left behind by electronic products. It is coming soon to the nearest store this 2009. T-mobile Motorola W233 Renew on T-Mobile offers the phone at a little discounted rate as a gesture of thanking its eco-friendly nature.

Motorola-W233-RenewThis candy bar phone is made from recycled water bottle plastic and available in green color. Motorola W233 Renew can play your MP3 files on its music player. It gives you a whopping nine hours of talk time that implies you do not need to charge your battery at short intervals. It may not be very stylish as per some reviews Motorola W233 Renew reviews but it has every feature that makes it a good phone to own. The innovation by Motorola has reduced its box size by more than 20 percent. It has removable memory of 2 GB too. The display is moderate size since the phone is petite.

Motorola W233 Renew can be bought off the shelf as a sim free mobile phone if you opt for keeping the old connection. It is always advisable to check out good deals for new phones Motorola W233 Renew deals so that you get an idea of the discounts offered by various dealers. If you are bored of your old phone, just use the prepaid envelope that comes along with the Motorola W233 Renew and send the phone to the company for recycling. Isn’t that a fantastic way to get rid of your old phone and contribute to nature at once?


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