Motorola Suggests Own Android App Store

Motorola DEXTWith the Motorola DEXT having just been released into the hands of an anxiously waiting publib, the company has suggested in an interview with TechRadar that it will now be launching “something”, (how cryptic!) on top of Google’s Android Market for apps.

A spokesperson has stated that the company will be making some further announcements sometime later this week, and that they will be about a Motorola specific alternative to using the Android Market – frankly, we’re intrigued.

It seems most probable that the company will be offering up another portal for MotoBlur specific widgets and applications, which will further the functionality of the freshly released Motorola DEXT.

The statement was issued when clarification was sought over whether or not users will be able to download apps from the official Android Market when they first buy their Motorola DEXT mobile phones on the 6th of October. (That is if you get the handset early, those of you who don’t will be able to buy a DEXT on the 7th from Orange stores or the 8th from Phones4u.)

There have been reports that devices sent out for early reviews were unable to connect to the Android Market server, sparking concerns that the Market may be unavailable for a time following the handsets launch.

Luckily, there have been assurances made that the Android Market will be activated and completely ready for new customers before the launch, so as long as it is up and running again by 3 PM, the time of the pre launch, no one need worry.

Check back in with us for updates on the Android Market and the Motorola DEXT launch.


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