Motorola Niagara: as Beautiful as the fall

Motorola-NiagaraThere has been a lot of mystery surrounding Motorola Niagara as it is going to be launched sometime in 2009. From the photographs that we managed to view, this is a slider phone that reveals the keypad underneath. It has a quite big display screen that might be at least 2 inches wide. The Motorola Niagara is somewhat like the RAZR model from Motorola and has similar sharp edges. Due to this, it looks beautiful when it slides, just like Niagara Falls! There are lots of contracts Motorola Niagara contract expected to be made with this phone.

Since Niagara has been created by Motorola, you can be assured that it will be innovative and serve you well. It looks shiny when you hold it in your hand. The color choices and other specifications are not yet known. Whenever it is available in stores, cell phone service providers are going to work hard to contract Niagara with their service. Leading providers such as Orange Motorola Niagara on Orange come out with attractive offers so that you buy Motorola Niagara on contract.

Nobody likes to refuse free gifts, isn’t it? And if Motorola Niagara is available in the market with free gifts Motorola Niagara with free gifts on purchase, that would be like an icing on the cake! The phone is accompanied by around eighty years of experience of Motorola that makes it a reliable manufacturer. After all, Motorola was the pioneer in creating the first handheld mobile phone in the world!

Motorola Niagara has camera and volume buttons on the right edge for convenient handling. It is one of the stylish additions to the world of contract mobile phones contract mobile phones nowadays. It is for you to decide whether to buy Niagara with contract or choose Pay as you Go options. Anyway, the feel of Niagara in your hand will remain as silky as ever.


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