Motorola Fairbanks: Music for your Ears

Motorola FairbanksYou must be aware that Motorola recently launched four new cell phones. Now if you are wondering that Motorola Fairbanks is one of them- hold on! It is yet to be officially launched. This is the much talked about flip phone that is primarily centered on media features. The handset is not all that sleek and has three track playback control keys located on the outside of the phone. Motorola Fairbanks offers support for push-to-talk calls for faster connections. This is not one of those handsets without sim cards sim free mobile phones as it is supposed to be launched on Verizon Wireless network.

There is so much curiosity surrounding the Motorola Fairbanks that consumers are not sure what they will receive from this cell phone. It has a clamshell design and mainly focused on media. The music keys will enable for quick access to your favorite tracks. It has a rugged look that can go well with tough guys. It does not look lightweight at the first instance. The other features like camera and display are still secret. Surprisingly, Motorola Fairbanks is the subject of many cell phone reviews Motorola Fairbanks review though its exact launch date in 2009 is not known.

The existing consumers of Orange network Motorola Fairbanks on Orange would be happy if they are able to coordinate their Motorola Fairbanks with it. Till Fairbanks is released, we can only speculate about this possibility of buying it without a Verizon connection.

Since this model was specially designed keeping Verizon in mind, there is a possibility that Motorola would offer good deals Motorola Fairbanks deals on Fairbanks when bought as a package. Such contract deals sometimes include free gifts or sim cards or extra added features for the phone. When a cell phone model like Motorola Fairbanks enjoys so much attention before launch, imagine what will be the situation after that!


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