Motorola DEXT – The Future Of The Company

Motorola DEXTSince the first whispers of the Motorola DEXT, there has been a lot of speculation that it could very well be the mobile phone to bring Motorola back, and beyond, its former glory. Last week started an interesting discussion on why exactly this is, and we are very much inclined to agree.

The most interesting point made was that Motorola is actually releasing a mobile phone – something that it hasn’t done in years, at least not well – the last phone anyone remember from Motorola was the “Razr”, which at one stage had a Dolce and Gabanna model out. Before then, can anyone even remember owning, or knowing anyone else who owned, a Motorola brand mobile phone? We can’t.

Then there is the fact that the company seems to be catching up to its competitors by finally creating an Android handset, which has the touch screen, the full QWERTY keyboard and the ability to perform multiple social networking actions at once. It is back on track when it comes to what consumers want in a phone.

Beyond the features, there is also the design of the phone’s body – remember when the first Sidekick mobile came out? It was the phone to have. This is like the Sidekicks more attractive friend, with a much more reasonable price tag.

The last factor likely to push the Motorola DEXT over the edge is that is expected to be released worldwide within weeks of the United States – a fact of true importance as neither those in the UK nor Australia would be impressed at having to wait an extra month or two for no clear reason.

Time will tell, but we are inclined to agree with speculations that the DEXT will see Motorola gain huge popularity over the coming months.


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