Where is the LG GW620?

LG GW620This phone is so close to being released that we can almost taste the fresh Android system in the air. LG has been keeping this phone hidden behind the curtains long enough. So far they have just been keeping the curious public contented with only crumbs of information about the phone.

The biggest morsel they were generous with is a series of images displaying the external features of the mobile. This alone is enough to make the Android fans happy. The GW620 is an excellently designed phone featuring beautiful external features. If you are not curious about this phone, you should be! Google’s Android is an excellent system and it would be interesting to see what LG will be doing with it.

What GW620 is Packing

Despite the lack of full information, there is enough detail to piece together what would be a good overview of what kind of mobile device the GW620 will be. As expected of an Android smart phone, this device will be capable of handling quad band GSM 2G and HSDPA 3G as well. Aside from that you get whole range of network connectivity options. GW620 will have wireless LAN –also known as WiFi, GPRS, and EDGE. Of course, these are not surprising to know. In fact, they are expected of a mobile device. The EDGE connectivity is a nice touch since other smart phones do not usually have it.

The Touch Screen and Keyboard

Similar to other powerful touch screen mobile phones, the LG GW620 uses both a touch screen and a slide out full QWERTY keyboard. This means getting around the Android interface will be easy. The same goes for writing long messages such as emails or blog posts. They look good and from the initial images, they are designed in such a way that users will find it easy and comfortable to use.

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