viewty smart officially launched

LG-Viewty-2-Smart.jThe LGC900 Viewty Smart is LG’s offering following the success of the Viewty1. LG have played their cards very close to their chest with the LGC900 Viewty Smart. This phone has a WVGA touchscreen display and LG’s S-Class user interface. This phone has a whopping 8 megapixel camera with a German lens, along with face, smile and blink detection. Anyone who loves taking pictures should treat themselves to this phone as it seems to have one of the best phone cameras around. If you think it might be a bit beyond your pocket you’ll be surprised at some of the LG GC900 Viewty Smart deals around.
LG-Viewty-2-ladyThe Viewty Smart can not only deal more than adequately with your still photographs, it is great at video capture too, so you’ll be able to send plenty of your video files on to friends. You’ll never be far from the world wide web because this phone supports both HSDPA and WiFi connectivity. There aren’t that many LG GC900 Viewty Smart reviews around, but those there are are all positive.
With the sort of connectivity features that this phone has you’ll have no problems getting high speed web access and support. There is also Bluetooth and an accelorometer for rotating the screen. At the moment LG are keeping a lot of the information regarding this phone very close to their chests. What we currently know of the Viewty Smart sounds all good, but they may not be enough to persuade died in the wool pay as you go mobile users to take out LG GC900 contracts.


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