The Office Phone: LG GW550

LG GW550Mobile phones are not made equal. Each model has its own specialty and major function. There are mobile phones that focus on its camera function with high mega pixel count and specialized image capturing features. Other mobile phones focuses on media playback with excellent media file type support and large storage capacity. Then there is the GW550. This is one mobile phone built for serious worker. It has all the features and functions you will need to accomplish forms, word documents, send emails and even make a quick presentation. Whether you are sitting in your work desk or on the road to your next appointment, this phone will be the most reliable gadget you will have.

Office Functionality

Right off the bat, the first thing you will notice about this mobile phone is that it runs Windows Mobile, period. Yes, just that, not Windows Mobile Professional. If you are wondering why this choice was made, so are we. We can come up with over a dozen reasons why Professional edition should have been use. But instead of complaining, let us just thank LG for at least keeping the entire Office Mobile package in the phone. Expect to handle word processing, work sheets and business correspondences anywhere, anytime with the GW550.

Mobile Spec Sheet

The LG GW550 packs a full QWERTY keyboard on its face, this keyboard shares space with the small, yet fully functional 2.4 inch screen. With a resolution of 240×320, there is enough space to view websites easily. Speaking of websites, you can connect to GPRS, HSDPA and UMTS networks. There is no WiFi capability and this might be major flaw that people will find difficult to deal with. The 3 mega pixel camera is excellent for taking quick snapshots. Lastly, the 1300mAh battery will last you until beyond the workday.

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