The LG Etna Is Now The LG GW620

LG EtnaAs reported by GSM Arena this week, LG have just announced the launch of the GW620 – a slick little Android powered, touch screen mobile phone boasting a full QWERTY keyboard and a whopping 5 mega pixel camera.

Although we know for sure the Etna, renamed the LG GW620, will be coming out sometime during the fourth quarter of this year we still don’t have an exact date; however the internet and it’s inhabitants are famously for pre guessing launch dates and there is a lot of speculation that October will be the month to watch out for the GW620 in stores near you.

This phone is designed for young people with a major emphasis placed on making social networking faster, with new features allowing the user to post the same update simultaneously to both Twitter and Facebook, as well as upload photos to the afore mentioned websites and Flickr.

It is without a doubt going to take the teenage mobile market by storm, with many people already thrilled that there is now going to be an LG phone using the Android platform available to them by Christmas – remember a few years ago when the Sidekick mobile phone was the handset to have? The LG GW620 is already the next Sidekick and it isn’t even on the shelves yet.

A huge touch screen, all your favorite social networking sites living in your pocket, a keyboard made for speed and a camera ready to snap and upload pictures in an instant makes this phone every teenagers best friend and tops every parents Christmas list.

To be honest, its Wi-Fi capabilities paired up with its other impressive specs almost make it a netbook, and frankly after researching it I want to buy one for myself. Touché LG, Touché.

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