The LG BL40–Cinema Viewing in your Hand

LG-BL40-Chocolate-picsLG Electronics, Korea’s foremost mobile phone maker after Samsung just recently released a new smartphone – the BL40 Chocolate.  This is their 4th excursion into its Black Label series and leverages on the fine tradition created by its first chocolate mobile phone.  The official launch released a few official photos of the handset that confirms many of the leaked information circulating on the net for months now.

Impressive Features

Having settled the anticipation with its launch, LG’s new BL40 is set to make mobile phone history as the thinnest and longest smartphone in the market.  What truly distinguishes it from the rest of the large screen smartphones out there is its impressive 4” true VGA widescreen display.  Nothing close comes to its cinema like viewing pleasure when watching movies on the handset

The new LG BL40 Chocolate sports a 21:9 widescreen screen aspect that makes it ideal for watching widescreen movies most of which are now in this aspect ratio. There are very few handsets out there with this screen size.  Moreover, nothing really beats a wide screen when surfing on a mobile phone.  The LG Bl40 really knows how to put one over the competition.

There are many other impressions one can have with the initial press release of LG in its launch of the BL40.  Apart for its remarkable display, here are the common and more salient first impressions about this unique handset

  • It’s a fastidious fashion phone that’s a head turner from every angle.
  • It runs on LG’s proprietary S-Class user interface that provides dual display of two distinct contents.
  • It contains all the LG smartphone functionalities you’ve come to expect in a 5 megapixel flagship camera phone of this class.

The much anticipated BL40 smartphone is expected to arrive only in sexy black when it lands on European stores by end of August.  To date, retail price hasn’t been released.

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