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LG GD510 PopFull touch screen phones are a novelty. No matter how you look at it, there are just too many limitations on not having an analog control. While many might find it amusing to use a mobile phone that only has a touch screen (that is the real deal with the LG GD510 Pop), it is amusing, but hardly practical. Applications and other processes cannot rely solely on an onscreen virtual keyboard. Even touch screen smart phones with keypads are outclassed by models with full QWERTY keyboards. The only challenge is incorporating the keyboard into the device; slide out, so far, has been an efficient answer.

Why Bother Full Touch Screen?

Because they can do it; the same can be said for several other innovations and inventions. The big deal with the LG GD510 is that it is made for consumers who will be paying for this device. The question is, are you better off with a different item of the same price? The sad answer is that most of the time, yes. Many other smart phones will be released along with the GD510, some even from LG themselves, that are going to be more worth the money.

What are You Getting?

Not a keyboard or a keypad, but you already know that. The LG GD510 Pop is confirmed to have 8GB or internal memory, a 3.0 mega pixel camera, a 3 inch touch screen display and some full functional media playback capabilities. They are pretty interesting features, but they are also what you would find in other phones.

Needs Browsing

LG better strap in a good browser for this phone, with only a touch screen it cannot do other applications much good. Mobile office software will be hard to use here. This device is better off as a specialized media and browsing gadget.

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