Mobile Report: the LG GM730

LG GM730Sleek, stylish and savvy, the LG GM730 is a small phone with a lot of features that is bound to make users wonder why this is not the standard for all other mobile phones. This mobile phone packs standard issue gear, hardly the latest in mobile technology, you might be wondering what is so good about the GM730; the answer is practicality. When you are dishing out a substantial amount of quid for a mobile phone, it better be something that you will be using. Indeed, other touch screen smart phones are also packed to the brim with features, but how many of these features will you actually use?

Usability and Practicality

The interesting thing about the GM730 is that you will actually want to use it. Having a good ergonomic design does wonders. The phone has a smooth elongated shape with wide round edges. This makes it easy to hold and grab from your pocket. Controlling the mobile phone is easy; the resistive touch screen display works accurately enough to register your finger movements. Do not expect the same amount of detailed calibration you can get from capacitive touch screens, but you probably will not miss that since the GM730’s screen is good enough. LG definitely took the practical approach when it came to making this phone.

This Phone is Packing Heat

Practicality is not synonymous to skimping out, and this phone has all the features you would expect from any smart phone. The Windows Mobile Professional edition operating software that comes with the phone has useful functions and an easy to use interface. The memory is expandable and you also get an SD card slot. Media playback on this mobile device is supported; it even has an FM radio function and excellent battery life that will keep the phone running for hours on end.

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