lgs gd900 features transparent keypad

LG-GD900-CrystalThe world’s first transparent handset is now on its way. LG has recently added the first ever transparent design mobile phone on its gallery. LG GD900 Crystal is a world’s very first transparent design mobile phone that LG finally unveiled at World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, Spain.
The main attraction factor of LG GD900 Crystal is no doubt its transparent design that makes it really awesome and cool device. However, besides its outstandingly superb design, the features that this handset offers are also believed to be of “A” grade.
LG-GD900-Crystal-eyeLG GD900 Crystal features 5 Mega-pixels camera with auto focus, flash light, and face detection features, so you don’t have to miss to capture your memorable moments on your mobile phone after owning LG GD900 Crystal.
LG GD900 Crystal reviews says that the audio experience this smart phone offers is also of supreme quality and as the memory card is expandable you don’t have to compromise on your favorite musical numbers. Additionally, there is also a FM tuner integrated, letting you to listen to your favorite radio shows according to your wish. 
Moreover, Internet surfing experience is also superb with LG GD900 Crystal. I don’t think if it’s necessary to mention that this smart phone features Bluetooth too, making it easier for you to get connected with other devices. In fact, LG GD900 Crystal arrives with Bluetooth headset as well, that is especially designed for this smart phone.
For your information, LG GD900 Crystal phones are now being offered on Vodafone too, thus, you can now buy LG GD900 Crystal on Vodafone as well. If you purchase this mobile phone remaining under Vodafone’s LG GD900 Crystal contracts, you can also get the pay as you go phone contracts. Therefore, you can own LG GD900 Crystal even by making monthly installments for certain duration.


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