LG’s Android Handsets – A Two Pronged Attack

LG GW620Mobile phone manufacturer LG recently reiterated their desire to dominate the mobile telecommunications market when they announced the release of their new Android powered smartphones.

This doesn’t seem out of the ordinary, with Motorola also announcing its first ever upcoming Android smartphone – however the difference here is that LG had, less than two weeks prior, revealed that they would also be producing three new smartphones in the coming weeks using the Windows Mobile OS.

This is a very clever move on the company’s part, as it means they now have the potential to thoroughly dominate the smartphone marketplace; users will have more options and those already hooked on LG but in favour of one mobile phone OS over the other will not be forced to choose between the two.

They are set to soon release the new LG GW620 into the market, which focuses heavily on social networking. It has a 3 inch touch screen with a full QWERTY keyboard as well as an inbuilt camera and Wi Fi capabilities; proving that LG knows exactly what it’s audience wants – which in this case is a camera to upload pictures on the go to Twitter and Facebook and a typing option to let them update their statuses on both websites quickly.

With all the current happenings over at LG, they have yet more big plans for the future. It has been confirmed that over the course of the next 16 months we are going to see at least another thirteen new smartphones running on Windows Mobile OS.

Gone are the days of one or two mobile phones being released each year that were the “in thing” – at this rate 2010 will see at least one high powered, highly desirable handset a month.


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