LG To Release Lotus Mobile

LG Lotus 2LG have only just released its GW750 mobile phone, however it now seems that the company will be looking to unleash another new handset, a sequel to the easily recognized LG Lotus, at some during 2010; if leaked information is to be believed.

The original LG Lotus was designed with a very distinct and easy to recognize design, a clamshell form where the chassis was in the shape of a square – the LG Lotus 2 seems set to keep that defining shape.

The LG Lotus mobile phone used Bluetooth connectivity for headsets and other additional hardware, while still having Wi Fi capabilities allowing for web browsing and email, as well as an inbuilt camera – although it only had a 2 mega pixels resolution.

Being logical, we can expect that the LG Lotus 2 will be sporting Bluetooth and Wi Fi connectivity also – although we imagine the camera will be more in the range of 5 mega pixels. The original mobile phone had a maximum internal memory of 12 GB, which is now expected to be a whopping 32 GB on the new model – which will be perfect for those of you who like to store large amounts of music, photos, videos or games on your mobile phone.

There is no clear release date yet, however speculation points to the first quarter of 2010 – there is also no current information available regarding distribution or price.

We love the design and can’t look past the idea of 32 GB storage on a mobile handset that isn’t an iPhone – with Wi Fi added to the mix all we need is a guaranteed improvement on the camera and this is a clear winner in our books.


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