LG Prada 2: A Class Apart!

LG KF900, more commonly called LG Prada 2, is a step closer to the perfect phone from its predecessor LG Prada or LG KE 850. The phone is designed to be very stylish and modern. It has been given a sliding keyboard, a 5 MP camera, a music player, a Micro SD slot for memory, Wi-fi ability for the hi speed internet connection and much much more! The features on the phone are so many that it makes the phone manual quite a voluminous book. Even LG KF900 Prada 2 video reviews are not able to capture all the features, so you can just imagine what you are buying into. To top it all the company has LG KF900 Prada 2 contract on offer. This makes the phone a complete must have and there are no reasons as to why not!

The phone has a cool 3 inch screen, bigger than most phones for the clear and crisp picture and view. At 130 gms, the phone is slightly on the heavier side, but no one’s complaining because its features outweigh this weight. The 104 x 54 x 16.8 mm frame is all that carries the phone and this frame is made tough to withstand any jerks and sudden falls. The phone is 3G equipped and offers hi speed internet connection and a great web browser for that perfect surfing experience.

This phone comes in the category of sim free mobile phones, so you can carry it instead of the laptop and use the services of the carrier in that particular region without any loss of data and having to undergo the long process of changing of carriers.

If this was not enough, the company has LG Prada 2 free gifts on offer, thus you cannot get anything better that what is being offered. This phone definitely stands out from the peer group and has already started to march ahead in terms of sale number.


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