LG KF757 Secret UMA: What LG Has to Offer

LG-KF757-Secret-UMAMultimedia-geared mobile phones are flooding the UK market. But that’s the beauty of the industry; you get to pick the best phone off the market, and you get to say no. The spotlight rests on the LG KF757 Secret UMA now; and we’re sure you would be able to decide whether you should pick this mobile phone over the others.

Contrasting two models
It should be noted that if we compare the two successive models offered by the LG range, it appears that the LG KF757 Secret UMA is exactly like the LG Secret KF750. The only difference that we found was the Secret UMA had WiFi capabilities and UMA capabilities.

Networking the Secret UMA
LG-KF757-Secret-UMAThe LG KF757, like other LG models (including the yet to be released Crystal) operates with the GSM band at 900, 1800 and 1900 frequencies. It can also operate with UMTS at 2100. What’s best about the UMA is that it is capable of 3G and can even support video calls via 3G. Crisp images and sound can be heard if you’re using online services, because it’s UMA-capable.
UMA may sound new to some, but it works this way: Wi-Fi isn’t foolproof always. You can suffer from dead spots especially if you’re moving about. The UMA capability can help you by bridging these dead spots and keeping you connected. If UMA functionality is available in your area, you would certainly be able to bring your UMA anywhere you go.

Looking inside the Secret
The Secret UMA has been packed with’ a 5-megapixel camera, 3G supported multimedia messaging and communication and a decent video-recording capability at 120 frames/second. The display is fairly decent at 2.4 inches and we’re sure the you’d enjoy hours of multimedia entertainment because the phone can run formats like DivX.

Maximum call time for a fully charged battery has been recorded at 150 hours for this LG mobile phone.


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