LG KF757 Secret UMA: Multimedia Entertainment & More

LG-KF757-Secret-UMAWhat makes an LG phone unique is not really its interface or its design (only recently did LG unveil a new designer phone). LG KF757 Secret UMA is like an upgraded Samsung Lucido. LG KF757 Secret UMA is more powerful and can support more media format types than the Lucido. The number of formats it can support is comparable to what the Samsung MBP200 Pico can support.
Examining the Secret
A 360-degree spin of the Secret UMA would probably convince you that this device looks exactly like another LG mobile phone, the LG Secret KF750. Before you get sore because LG produce an identical twin for the KF750, know that this UMA-capable device has more connectivity than the older device.
Empowering your multimedia experience
You won’t have to worry about your music and video files going to waste with the Secret UMA because it can handle many file formats. One of the most popular portable video formats around, DivX, can now be played continuously with the Secret UMA.
Imagine the hours of fun you’d have with the Secret UMA, given the fact that you can now connect to high-speed Internet connections via Wi-Fi. If you’re passing through blank areas in your city, the UMA functionality can take over, giving you an almost seamless connectivity to the world at large. Enjoy your social networks like never before and email your friends from the Web itself, while viewing actual websites through the 2.4-inch display.
Form & features

For those who dislike the candy-bar form factor of some phones (Sony Ericsson and Nokia are notorious for overusing the candy-bar form factor and producing nastily awful sliders), the LG Secret UMA is actually a slider. But in contrast with other sliders, you’ll actually enjoy the slide form factor because user experience is not minimized at all. You have a wider space to work on and a wider screen to view.


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