LG GW620 is an Android Phone

LG GW620There are a lot of amazing operating systems for mobile phones. While Windows Mobile is a very easy to use system, it is a generic program that is not designed specifically for any platform. This is the biggest advantage of android phones, having an operating system built specifically for the hardware of phone ensures total compatibility and a maximization of all features. Of course, this concept sounds a whole lot easier than it is. Creating new operating software requires lots of study and skill in order to both utilize the hardware and allow for ergonomic design. Android phones are the product of this approach into creating a mobile phone.

The LG Android

Little is known about the LG GW620, but it will be a touch screen smart phone packed with features. On the surface, user input is a combination of using the three inch resistive touch screen display, some face buttons and of course, a slide out, full QWERTY keyboard. The keyboard is easy to use thanks to the wide keys. These can accommodate users with larger fingers. The resistive touch screen is a good approach and should be quite easy to use as well. Another nice external feature is that all the buttons are neatly arranged on the face, making this phone easy to use even with just one hand.

The Confirmed Specifics

The GW620 supports both 3G and 2G networks. For internet connectivity, you can choose between wireless LAN (WiFi), HSDPA, EDGE and GPRS. The built in browser is said to support standard websites and WAP sites as well. You also have A-GPS on this phone so expect some navigation features as well.

Media playback will be a joy with support for various media file types, and an FM radio. The 5 mega pixel camera is pretty impressive. Not quite the best in the market, but more than sufficient. LG may be new but they sure are making it known that they know how to make an android.

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