LG GW520: Latest Phones To Keep You Updated

lg-gt505-and-gw520LG has introduced its latest mobile phones creatively called the GW520 and GT505. The LG GW520 is a mid-range device which is targeted towards individuals who are inclined towards social networking. It supports push notice of updates from most social networking sites and you will find new updates and messages on your screen as soon as they are posted.  
LG GW520 offers faster Internet connection compared to LG GT505, as it comes with 7.2Mbps HSDPA connectivity of data, compared to the 3.6Mbps. What this means for many people is that Facebook will load faster on this handset. The mobile phone has a slide out QWERTY keyboard, 2.8 inches touch screen, a three megapixel camera, which is smaller than that of LG GT505.
This mobile phone from LG has been specially designed for messaging, through emails, the social networks or IM and SMS. It helps you as the user to keep connected to your communities and develop your social life even when you are moving. LG’s LiveSquare feature has been integrated in the device which allows you to view people you are talking with. They may show as animated characters on the home screen. In fact the characters also help in easy contact and access people you want to get in touch with.
The LG GT505 and LG GW520 and the first phones from LG which provide push social networking updates. You can get keep posted your status, personal pages or pictures from the phone conveniently. This mobile phone launched by LG blurs the line connecting the smart phone and the low cost cousins. Some time back the touch screen, QWERTY keypads and numerous application phones were the elite realm of high places business executives who could spend a lot of money on their new mobile phones. LG handsets are here to change the scenario.

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