LG GW300 Is Official

LG GW300LG has just made an announcement, making the GW300, a neat budget mobile phone sporting a full QWERTY keyboard and made with social networking and messaging in mind, official in the UK.

The handset is going to be available on both the Orange and O2 networks upon its arrival, with Orange stocking a light blue model and O2 a dusty red colour that looks almost orange – making us think they’d have been better off the other way around.

Although it can’t compare to the high end mobile phones LG is constantly releasing these days, it does have a 2.4 inch QVGA screen and a 2 mega pixel camera, along with the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack and a slot for a microSD card letting you expand your memory by up to 4 GB. There are some concerns over the battery life, as the LG GW300 only spots a 900mAh battery – however as the phone is made more for those want to text than talk, we aren’t overly concerned about that.

One of the most popular features of the handset is sure to be the support of Facebook – there is even a built in application allowing users to update their status while viewing their friends’. Plus you can keep all of them as avatars on the main screen; it really does succeed in creating a social “feel” about itself in design and functionality.

With over 300 million Facebook users existing today, the LG GW300 mobile phone has a large target audience of people who now want to be able to access their social networking sites while on the move.

Currently the handset price is on Play is only £99 – meaning if you choose to go with a contract it is unlikely you will be paying anything at all for the mobile phone itself.


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