LG GT505 Keeps You Connected

lg-gt505-and-gw520LG has announced the launch of the LG GT505 , which is designed for excellent networking. This mobile phone allows you to be connected to online communities anywhere at any time. You will receive updates from your social networking sites as well as personal and business emails.
This LG handset comes with WiFi, 3 inch touch screen, HSDPA connectivity, and a camera with 5 megapixels. The phone is expected to hit the markets in June 2009 and will be available in many of the UK networks. With the success of LG KS360 which has numerous messaging features, the LG GT505 boasts of further messaging functions which are user friendly and smarter.
Consumers will have the convenience and functionality to get their photos, individual pages and statuses up to date. LG believes that mobile communications has gone beyond voice based calls and now people are looking for features which are not only IM services and SMS. The manufacturers want to offer social networking and messaging features which are typically offered in expensive mobile phones in an array of models. LG with the launch of LG GT505 and LG GW520 aim to be in the front of phones with high end social networking features.
LG GT505 is shipped with a one month free trial of WisePilotfor LG, which is a navigation solution that gives voice instructions as well as an option of 3D and 2D mapping. It will guide the users to reach their destinations with easy navigation. This new device form LG also supports 3G and 2G networks. The mobile phone comes with a second camera also to use for video calling and a few other features in the handset include USB, Bluetooth, microSD slot, Music player and A-GPS. The music player is a very handy feature for people who want to listen to music while travelling; it has excellent sound quality with easy to manage features. You can transfer your favorite music in the handset by downloading from the Internet or through the connectivity options.

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