lg gd900 crystal with transparent keyboard

LG-GD900-crystal-front-and-backLG GD900 is a transparent designed mobile that is slated to be released into the market in the second quarter of 2009. It is a crystal like device that is actually see-through. The phone comes with a polished silver body and a translucent keypad. When the keypad is opened the light gives a soft glow around the device. The phone is all set to herald a new category of phone design. The phone again affirms the company’s decision to bring innovative phone sets to the market. Consumers can purchase many LG GD900 Crystal free gifts.

LG-GD900-Crystal-eyeThe phone is sure to attract a lot of attention when it is released into the market. Consumers will be able to buy LG GD900 Crystal on Orange. In this competitive market LG will definitely have an edge with the introduction of this phone into the market. This device clearly stands out in the crowd as the very first transparent mobile phone in the world. The set is sure to be eye catching and have premium technical specs. There are sure to be a number of deals on LG GD900 Crystal contracts.

It is one of the most awaited pay as you go phones in the market. From the reviews that the phone has received from the experts this is one phone that is to be watched. The market is abuzz with the new design concept of the company. The mobile not only promises to be great looking but will also have a host of features that are sure to be appreciated widely by the users.


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