LG GD900 Crystal transparent phone

LG-GD900-CrystalThe 2009 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain was where many new mobile phone technologies were unveiled. From smartphones with full keyboards to beautiful cell phone designs, this gathering of industry leaders was where many new mobile phone models were introduced. One of those models was introduced by LG Electronics, one of the leaders in mobile phone technology and communications. The LG GD900 Crystal on T-Mobile and other networks is a beautifully-designed phone that has useful features to match its sleek and stylish design. While this model has many useful features, the design is what makes it truly unique.
LG-GD900-Crystal-eyeUnlike most pay as you go phones, the LG GD900 Crystal is very aesthetically pleasing. The concept for this phone design is transparency. The phone looks like it is made of crystal, proving that color is not the only technique that can be used to create a beautiful phone. The crystal design shows the phone in its most basic form, but reveals stunning beauty in its simplicity. While the LG GD900 Crystal is not going to be released to the public until the second financial quarter of 2009, many people are already starting to learn about the benefits of getting LG GD900 Crystal contracts. Having this phone model can help you stay connected with loved ones and colleagues as well as show off your excellent taste in aesthetics.
When you open up this transparent phone, you’ll reveal the sliding translucent keypad, which will make it easy for you to compose text messages and e-mails. The premium handset has many of the features you would expect from a premium phone, including a Bluetooth headset for easy wireless communication. When this model is revealed, it is likely that many people will scramble for the chance to buy the LG GD900 Crystal with free gifts.


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