LG GD510 Pop Takes Touch Screens to a New Height

LG GD510 PopLG has been keeping the touch screen mobile phone industry moving forward with its full touch screen phone series. Starting with the original LG PRADA last 2007, LG has shown that having a touch screen exclusively on a phone does not limit the device’s capabilities and functions. Aside from the fact that the device will not have buttons and keypads, having less to deal with is one way of having more space able to add more. Of course, we have no idea what other surprises LG is going to add into the LG GD510 Pop. Rumors are spreading around but there are a few good confirmed facts.

What LG Wants Us to Know

LG has been generous enough to inform us that the upcoming GD510 will have 3 inches of touch screen goodness. This might seem a little small for a device that relies solely on a touch screen, but from the initial images released, the phone is well designed around this screen size. The decision to use a small screen may be in line with keeping the overall phone size small, as well as limiting the power consumption. No official statement as to how much juice the battery will be packing, but expect the device to have at least 1000mAh ready on hand.

Other Specs

LG has also kept the camera slimmed down, at 3.0 mega pixels, the digital camera for the GD510 is not that high in terms of resolution, but it should get the job done. Having a five mega pixel camera is hardly a necessity anyway. What LG did improve on is the built in storage. With 8GB, you already have plenty of space for music and videos, and lots of other applications as well.

Going and Gone

If you never had a full touch screen phone, then you might want to save up for this one because LG is certainly bringing out the big guns this year.

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