LG BL20 Chocolate Quick Review

LG Chocolate BL20The LG BL20 Chocolate is a smaller version of the old LG BL40 Chocolate Touch, this version does away with the clumsy touch screen interface and focuses more on being a simple phone that has all the basic functions of a GSM and looking really good. Yes, LG has decided that what it cannot give with features, it will compensate for with style. With the way this mobile phone is so well designed, we can only wonder what features’ LG is compensating for.

Dressed to Kill

The LG BL20 is a very sexy looking mobile phone. This piece of mobile technology is clad in black matte finish with accents of red. The slight red lines on the touch sensitive interface and the solid hot red keypad add a bright contrast to the device’s external appearance. The size is also to die for. While most mobile phones have problems keeping the hardware small and light, the LG BL20 manages to keep all its features and slide out keypad and stay thin at around 12mm. LG is placing a new standard for what is technologically possible with a slim device.

Fast and Simple

Doing away with fancy interfaces and operating systems, the LG BL20 has a very simple and easy to use interface that runs as fast as you can input commands. The touch sensitive controls are easy to use and you will not have problems accessing the menus. The slide out keyboard has very reactive buttons that give a subtle feedback with each click making the navigation experience a smooth and enjoyable one.

The Bottom Line

If you are planning to switch GSM devices, then this is a good step to take. While there are other feature laden models out there, the prices will just make you consider getting a smart phone instead. For the GSM range, this phone is slightly expensive but still reasonably priced for its size and capabilities.

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