LG Announces new Clamshell, KG376

LG_KG376-46442-46443LG have just announced a new clam-shell phone that they are soon to release. The form factor and casing artwork suggest the KG376 is aimed at teenage girls, coming as it does with a purple colour and swirly flower pattern. The LG KG376 has an indicator light on the front that informs users of incoming calls and text messages. This is a handy feature that has been employed on many clam-shell styled phones in the past, particularly from Sony Ericsson, and it has always proved quite popular.

The feminine phone follows in the footsteps of LG’s device the Pink Arena and also Samsung’s very own Ultra S S7350 Elegant Edition which are also aimed primarily at female phone users. Although not much is known about the LG KG376’s features at present it looks to be a fairly basic mid-to-low range handset without all the bells and whistles of the latest high-end smartphones, which would fit in with the initial perception of industry analysts who speculated that this phone is aimed at teenagers primarily.

There is known to be an FM radio and as such will likely have other multimedia functions such as a media player, although what it will support remains mysterious. From the leaked pictures there does not appear to be a camera present although this has not been clarified by LG.

The LG KG376 is a very lightweight and slender phone, with dimensions of 85.9 x 45 x 19.8 mm and weighing just a mere 73g. This makes the LG KG376 ideal for carrying around in your pocket and will not weigh you down like many bulky phones today.

LG have not announced a release date yet for the KG376.


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