Getting Ready for the LG GW620 Android Phone

LG GW620When it comes to new phones, few releases are as exciting as the launch of a new Android model. Major phone manufacturer LG is now jumping into the Android bandwagon with this new model. Details are slim at best. While there is a substantial amount of info regarding basic specifications and images, LG is keeping mum about any special features they are packing into this device. We are not looking for gimmicks, but real substantial features. Besides, if it was a gimmick we wanted, Nokia always has plenty to poke fun at. At best, we are hoping for a really large memory capacity, very few phones come packed with high memory so it is unlikely that LG will be doing anything different.

The Android Takes the Spotlight

We have to admit, if this was just another smart phone running Windows Mobile we would probably give a quick review and be done with it. The reason everyone is so excited over the GW620 is the fact that it is an Android. Android phones are some of the best the mobile phone industry has to offer, this operating system is known to be loaded into only the best systems with the best features to date. While not exactly popular with the common folk, all tech freaks all over the world revere Android smart phones. LG made a wise move making this one.

What is Known and What is Not

LG has already released a quick brief on the specs carried by the LG GW620. It is impressive, but expected. The five mega pixel camera, FM radio, micro SD support, resistive touch screen, full QWERTY keyboard are functions and features you can easily find in other mobile phones. The rest is the usual fare for defining a smart phone, compatibility with WiFi, GRPS, HSDPA and EDGE networks, quad-band signal, A-GPS support, so on and so forth. What we are waiting for is for LG to tell us what makes this Android unique. Until then, we will just have to wait.

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