Almost a Budget Phone, the LG BL20 Chocolate

LG Chocolate BL20GSM phones sell well because people are hoping to get good deals for them. Understandably, there are a lot of features you can cram into a mobile phone and if you look hard enough, you might just find a cheap one that has all the features that you will need. Sadly, this is not the case with the LG BL20 Chocolate. With a really sleek design and basic GSM features you would think that they would price this device more nicely, the 5 mega pixel camera and HSDPA feature however, are probably what is keeping this phone off the cheap grid.

Mismatched Features

LG has put in a 5 mega pixel camera with flash and autofocus on a mobile device. This is good if you really love to take images, but aside from that this is a waste of add on feature. That could have been WiFi or a better browser for the mobile phone; instead, we get a high quality camera for a phone with few other attributes. Not exactly a good trade off and people who want a good camera phone are better off buying a different model.

Still Looks Good

If the BL20 has one saving grace, it is the fact that LG designed this mobile phone to look really good. It looks smart, slim and sexy. The subtle red lights on the face adds accent while the hot red slide out keypad is absolute eye-candy. The screen is QVGA so expect some pretty clear graphics with this phone despite the small 2.3 inch screen size.

Is it Worth It?

The bottom line with this phone is that if you are truly desperate for a nice looking phone, then by all means get this model. People who want a more practical deal might be better off waiting for LG’s upcoming mobile phones with Wi-Fi and more useful smart apps.

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