A Business Smartphone for Everyone – the LG GW550

LG GW550There are very few practical smartphones in the market.  The LG GW550 is just one of them.  LG Electronics of Korea is targeting the no-frills budget crowd that wants nothing more than a very capable smartphone that does messaging, browsing, and PDA/phone functions with the least frills at a more wallet-friendly price.

The GW550 does not look at all inexpensive and sports a classy facade that could make anyone mistake it for the more expensive Nokia E71 or a Samsung Blackjack.  But underneath its classy elegance lies a basic QWERTY candy bar form popularized by BlackBerry and is definitely a stab at the business market on the more practical cost-conscious side.

Features for the Practical Businessman

Forget about getting a trendy imaging and entertainment gadget.  The new GW550 sports a perfunctory 3.2 megapixel camera that has no autofocus or any of the fancy stuff you find in a great imaging handset.  There’s no Wi-Fi and no Bluetooth A2Dp support as well.  But all that aren’t as necessary as the 3G/HSDPA/HSUPA high speed data connectivity that guarantees a no-wait surfing, browsing and downloading over the internet as well as messaging and emailing to but the busy executive in touch with the office while on the road.  This is what really matters most for the practical businessman.

There’s just a small 2.4“ landscape QVGA LCD screen that won’t be screaming look at me anytime as its Windows Mobile OS won’t allow greater than 65k color depth support.  The GW550 is your basic quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE and tri-band UMTS smartphone with 3G/HSDPA/HSUPA connectivity that also support local wireless high speed data connectivity with Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR. Standard USB2.0 and microSD memory expansion slot is likewise supported.

The LG GW550 is definitely not a stand-out for a smartphone.  But it does the job well, and for its classic elegance and affordable price, who’s complaining?

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