5 million cookies shifted by LG

LG have recently announced that their affordable midrange touch screen, the KP500 Cookie, as gone on to sell 5 million units since it went on sale 9 months ago. This is just 3 months after it topped the 2 million mark which means the Cookie is steadily increasing in popularity and LG CEO Dr Skott Ahn predicts the stylish touch screen to lg-cookiereach the 10 million mark by the end of the year. The popular Cookie handset is on sale in over 60 countries and a German marketing firm has noted that the device has been in the European top ten selling devices virtually nonstop since its release.

The Cookie had been designed as a midrange affordable touch screen allowing many more people to join in the tactile craze but even LG had not predicted it being quite so successful. While not being as feature filled as some high-end touch screen devices such as the Nokia N97 and the HTC Hero, the Cookie has a lot to offer. Customers have been very fond of the friendly user interface and 3 megapixel camera for taking pictures. The Cookie also features an FM radio and MP3 player, but no 3.5mm audio jack for headphones. This lack of a standard socket does not seem to have hurt the Cookie in the way it had some HTC devices showing that fans are willing to overlook this minor omission.

The record 5 million sales mark means that 19,000 Cookies have been sold per day, with about 13 being shifted every single minute. If you were to put all these devices end to end they would be able to pave a road from London to Manchester and would be taller than 60 Mount Everests.

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