Pre Orders Begin For ITG xpPhone

ITG xpPhoneThe ITG xpPhone, recently seen online at GSM Arena, is now available for preorder.

For those of you unaware of the impressive mobile phone handset, it is a very powerful little device that looks a lot more like a tablet than a phone; it is superbly slim with an attractive design and a keyboard that, frankly, you would never know was there.

It has a very impressive 4.8 inch touch screen, the full QWERTY keyboard gives a new meaning to “full keyboard” as it features a number pad, the option of 512MB or 1GB RAM and allows for both HDD and SSD storage.

ITG is a China based manufacturer, and although some people have labelled this latest product yet another iPhone rip off, I beg to differ. It is a powerful device far out of the league of even a high end smartphone, and in terms of sheer power it may as well be a miniature netbook – and one of the more impressive ones, at that.

Included with the phone is the option of a HDD ranging in size from 30GB to 120GB, it boasts a USB port as well as VGA. It also has an inbuilt camera, although only 1.3 mega pixels; but really, no one uses there netbook for taking photos.

It also features GPS, a small track pad for a true netbook feel and both a left and right mouse button. Naturally it supports Wi Fi and sports its own inbuilt 3G modem, as well as an option for Bluetooth connectivity.

It is without a doubt the most innovative and user friendly mobile phone to come out of China this year – to the extent that were it made by a larger US based company it would have unlimited potential in both the mobile phone and netbook markets.


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