INQ set to launch new social networking phones

inq-chatINQ have announced two new phones that they have aimed primarily at users of social networking sites. While many phones are now incorporating these services into built in apps or downloadable apps, INQ state they wish to make the use of these services as easy as sending an SMS message.

INQ’s ‘Facebook phone’ the INQ1 was hugely popular and the manufacturer is now trying to built on that by offering the same integration for other online content on their new phones that they offered for Facebook on the former. The two new low-priced handsets will feature apps for Twitter, eBay and Skype as well as Facebook. There will also be full integration with Windows Live and full syncing capability with iTunes and Windows Media Player.

On top of this, both handsets will be able to use their HSDPA and 3G tethering capabilities to allow easy downloading and streaming of online audio and video. Both come with a built-in media player that has some good compatibility although a major let down is that INQ did not think to include a 3.5mm audio jack.

Among other features included are a GPS (in the Chat 3G), and a 3.2 megapixel camera for the Chat 3G and a 2 Megapixel camera for the Mini 3G. INQ had noted that about 30% of INQ1 users made regular use of email despite only having an alphanumeric keypad and so a decision was made to include a full QWERTY keyboard on the Chat 3G in the style of a BlackBerry phone.

The Chat 3G features a 2.2” display and the Mini 3G a slightly larger 2.4” display. While some of the technological specifications may not wow many people compared to the competition, INQ will be one of the first companies to bring features that integrate social networking that are normally reserved for high-end devices to more affordable phones. Both handsets will be released towards the end of the year in the fourth quarter.

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