INQ Plans To Release Android Mobile Phones

INQ Chat and MiniThe good folks over at Mobile Choice are telling us to expect a new INQ Android handset sometime in 2010, although it seems the epecifics are still being closely guarded.

Although INQ’s CEO has acknowledged Android mobile phones competing with the iPhone generally perform poorly, he believes with all the features the Android platform offers users might be convinced to make the change. INQ are still hoping to really break in to the US market with this new handset, a feat they have yet to accomplish, however they enjoy tremendous buzz from overseas.

In wanting to provide a highly customized mobile phone they put a lot of thought into it – before choosing Android as a platform they toyed with the idea of using Windows Mobile, but found it was unable to be easily customized to the extent they wanted seen on their new handsets. The exterior of the phone is also imagined to be quite interesting, as we already know that “it won’t look like what you expect an Android phone to look like.” Although we aren’t getting any more hints than that just now, it has certainly piqued my interest.

The company INQ has been described as “small, fast and nimble” and is so confident it believes that it has the ability to brutally crush both Nokia and Motorola in the market place when its new Android mobile phone comes out.

It is yet to be seen whether or not it will perform as well it is predicting in the US marketplace, however they are currently winning the war when it comes to keeping their new product confidential; both Motorola and Nokia have seen their latest creations have pictures published online already, whereas with INQ not only do we have no idea what it looks like, we don’t even have anyone confident enough to speculate on the specifications.

Stay tuned, as soon as more is announced we’ll be posting it here!

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