INQ Mini Lands In UK

INQ MiniThe INQ Mini 3G mobile phone is now being offered by the 3 network.

The handset has been designed as a budget mobile phone aimed at heavy texters and social networkers, as well as appealing to a younger audience with easily customisable covers, coming in eight different colours. With shortcuts for Facebook, instant messaging programs, Twitter and Skype, the handset really has a very fun vibe about it, and makes a refreshing change from all of the high tech, high cost smartphones that are flooding the market at the moment, especially following the release of Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system.

The mobile phone boasts a very nice 2.2 inch touch screen display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. It has a 2 mega pixel camera, 100 MB of internal memory which can be expanded using a microSD card, up to 8 GB, and is able to sync up with both iTunes and Windows Media Player using a third party application.

The ability to use Skype is considered one of the main plusses for many teenage users, as the program is still increasingly in popularity; which one can tell when they look at the latest gaming handset to be released worldwide, the PSP GO, which itself makes use of Skype as one of its big selling points.

The INQ Mini 3G mobile phone has a price tag which is just as appealing as it’s colourful and friendly look, costing only £59.99 on pay as you go, and available for free on a £15 per month Internet Texter contract.

Given the price, look and functionality of the INQ Mini 3G, it is sure to be a big hit.


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