Celebrating an Affordable Social Networker – the INQ Mini 3G

inq-miniFor the Budget Social Network Fan

INQ has recently released a Twitter mobile phone that should appeal to many among social network fans out there.   Coming up on the heels of its highly successful and multi-awarded INQ1, the new INQ Mini 3G tales on a real marketing challenge of providing all the features that matter to most people while making it as pocket-friendly as possible.  Right after its official launch this month, the internet started to litter with dozens of unofficial hands-on reviews.  Here are some of the highlights.

Value Features for Everyone

The INQ Mini 3G looks like any ordinary candybar mobile phone out there.  It’s also quite light on the pocket. INQ actually offers it as a toned-down version of the Chat 3G arriving on the market at about the same time. What makes the Mini 3G interesting is its feature/price ratio which puts it above many mobiles in its price point.

There’s no WiFi or GPS features.  But that’s quite understandable for a budget phone.  Positioned as a social networking mobile phone, the Mini 3G gets the job done with built-in apps that support popular social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The INQ Mini 3G has these social networking apps integrated into the phone unlike many others that have them as add-ons.   It also supports instant messaging such as Skype as well as integrates with Windows Live.  It can also synchronize with your desktop media files and iTunes.  Not bad for a budget mobile phone.

From its name Mini 3G, the handset supports 3G so you can browse at high speeds and allows 3G tethering.  While its 2.2” QVGA TFT display and a 2 megapixel camera won’t make it stand out, the Mini 3G takes on a more trendy market that loves to customize their mobile phones with interchangeable body covers.  The INQ Mini 3G won’t disappoint here as it has after-market covers in various designs and colors.

The new INQ Mini 3G makes it to stores within the last quarter of the year and should be a great addition to your Christmas shopping list.

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