Zune Reaches Mobile Phones

Zune PassThere are currently some pretty strong rumours floating around about the possibility for the Zune Pass and pay per song services could be coming to mobile phones in the not too distant future.

It seems that Microsoft will be introducing its Zune video and music service to mobile handsets, however there was no word available regarding when we could expect it to go live.

That tidbit of info came right from Microsoft’s Director of Communications for TV, Video and Music, Jose Pinero, who was able say that the company sees the future for Zune is as a platform, not a device – something a lot of people are going to be very interested in when the time comes, including us.
It was also said that, “Our next step is mobile phones but we haven’t talked about a timeline for when that will happen”.

That little statement sounds as though the Zune platform would be planned for various mobile phones, although we’re pretty sure that those of you with handsets running a Windows Mobile operating system will get the first look in.

Another interesting piece of gossip drifting through cyberspace is that Microsoft might even be considering opening up the Zune Pass service for Apple devices, such as the iPhone, at some point. That sounds great to us, but whether or not Microsoft decides to go ahead with it is one thing, whether Apple doesn’t straight up reject it is another.

Right now, the Zune service is aiming to port to the Xbox 360 gaming console, offering access to videos and music to the millions of Xbox Live subscribers out there.


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